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Adults & Re-homing


Sometimes we have an adult or puppy that is ready to find a new family.   

If this prospect interest you, we will have to visit before I will put a pet in your care.

Call me or come by to visit so we can determine if it will be a good match for you and the pet.

As they come available I will post them on this page so you can see what will be available.

All rehomed pets will go home Spayed or Nutered, vaccinated, vet examination done.

Please e-mail us or call us for more information.

 I have some puppies that are now 3 to 4 months old and not yet adopted. Their medical is all up to date and they are learning to use a in and out door for potty. Cage trained also.IF you are interested in an older puppy just call me for breed and pricing information Thanks Judy . 

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