Bows and Toes Kennel
Guide to Teacup Care
Steve and Judy Epperson
P. O. Box 6
Murchison, Tx. 75778
903 852-2525
Teacup or small size puppies need extra care and nurturing.  They eat special diets and must eat every 2 to 4
hours because they have small tummies and can't hold much food..  Since they do not eat much at a time,
they must be crated or confined in a small area (4 x 4) most of the time until they are 6 or 8 months old to
conserve their energy and give them a chance to grow up.  We recommend thirty minutes to an hour of
playing or being held and loved on then 2 to 3 hours of uninterrupted rest and sleeping time. Their food and
water must be available to them at all times so that they can eat, drink and potty as their body needs to. They
cannot sleep with you at night until they are older and can go over 6 hours without eating.  Eating regularly
day and night is critical for a tiny size dog until they are grown. Adhering strictly to this routine for play time
and rest time is a
must with a tiny dog.  Once mature, they are usually sturdy and healthy just like the larger
size dogs.

If you are a person with a busy schedule (away from home over 8 hrs. at a time), you may not be a candidate
for a teacup size puppy.  If you have someone who can check on it every few hours for you to see that it is
eating and drinking as well as moving about normally you may do fine with it, but without some help the
puppy may not do well for you.  Hypoglycemia attacks can occur without warning and if not attended to
quickly, with proper support, the puppy can die.  Once they mature at 6 to 8 months of age, this is usually
not an issue, but it is an issue until the puppy matures.  A lot of careful consideration and planning must go
into the decision to purchase a teacup size puppy.  They are not suitable for households with other pets to
contend with, small children, and very busy lifestyles.  They are much like raising a premature baby.  Proper
diet, lots of rest/quiet time, and not too much outside stimulation until they are about 6 to 8  months old.
cannot stress this enough.....They need an area no bigger than 4 x 4 to spend most of their time
during the growing up period.  Too much area to roam in will entice them to do more than they
should and can lead to life threatening episodes of hypoglycemia.

Because of these issues, we try to screen prospective purchasers to make sure the tiny size puppies are being
placed in the right kind of homes for them to be taken care of properly so that they will thrive and do well for
the new owner. We do the same for all our puppies, but it is more critical with a teacup or tiny size one. Our
tiny sized puppies are not released to the new homes until they are over 12 weeks old. We keep them until we
believe they have enough age and size to be resistent to the attacks of hypoglycemia.  We also make sure they
are eating well and are able to play actively without any problems before we allow them to leave. They will
come to you with detailed instructions for their care, diet, recommended activity and anything else we think
you will need to know to care for them properly.  It will be up to
you to go by our advice in order to finish
raising the puppy.

With a teacup size dog, the training to go potty outside may have to wait for warm weather.  Be prepared to
fix them a place inside for bathroom time when the weather is cold, rainy or bad.  They will take cold just like
any other pet that is not used to environmental changes and this can cause illness.  Newspaper, potty pads or
litter boxes made for dogs are a good substitute to train them to if you live in a bad climate. This can be
placed in the confined area they live in and they will learn to use it.  They will train quickly to whichever
method you choose.

By following our instructions regarding the teacup or tiny size puppy, you should have years of enjoyment
and love from your new little pet.